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Captura de datos y vigilancia inteligente de la red secundaria

DaVinSy® monitors via IoT the operation of the network and provides daily data, alert messages and remote control. It analyzes current, power and energy curves, reported in real time according to line, phase and transformer.

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Ventajas y beneficios

Advantages and benefits

Tabla de selección

Selection table

Modules Features Advantages and Benefits
Monitoring M2M (Bidirectional) communication. Data management via Big Data, analytics, automation and IoT.
Identification of the load profile by circuit and phase. Better planning of the transformation park.
Macrometer type AMI. Comparison of energy delivered/billed in real time.
Georeferencing. Quick access to network status information.
Supervision Identification of the circuit and phase of the fault. Reduces time in the restitution of the service.
Route generator with network access control. Faster and safer service restitution.
Load unbalance detection. Helps to reduce technical losses.
Absence of ground and neutral detection. Improved quality of service.
Opening and overcurrent alarms. Prevents energy theft.
Control On-site wireless control via Bluetooth. Time savings in the suspension and reinstatement of service.
Real-time remote control through IoT. Increased operating efficiency.
Load disconnecting switch. Decreases SAIDI indexes.
Protección Low voltage recloser. Extends the service life of the transformer.
Gap type overvoltage protection. Specially designed for areas with a high level of ceramics.
High impedance fault protector. Improvement of SAIFI indexes.
Visible signal. Increased safety in the operation.
Random delay on entry into service. Decreases current peaks at the load input to the substation.
The system can be applied for single-phase, two-phase and three-phase circuits, from one to three circuits. In addition, it can include the required module (monitoring, supervision, control and protection).
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