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Lightning shielding system

ATP® RAYOBLIND does not attract lightning strikes, but, as soon as they occur, directs them towards the ground where all their energy is dissipated.

Ficha del productoProduct sheet



  • Manufactured with steel cable coated with copper so that it can assume the mechanical and electrical stresses at the time of discharge.
  • Complies with RETIE (Technical Regulations for Electrical Installations).
  • Does not use connectors.
  • Available in several versions
  • No grounding rod is required. It is a direct burial horizontal electrode.

Ventajas y beneficios

Advantages and benefits

  • It provides effective protection for enclosed areas such as farms, hotels, sports venues, airports, etc.
  • Easy to install.
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Economical.

Tabla de selección

Selection table

RB-PUA Rayoblind. Protector for picket fences. 1 Kit
RB-ELÉCTRICA Rayoblind. Electric fence protector. 1 Kit
RB-CERRAMIENTO Rayoblind. Protector for metallic perimeter enclosure. 1 Kit
RB-ÁRBOL Rayoblind. Tree protector. 1 Kit
RB-EXT. ÁRBOL Rayoblind. Extension for Rayoblind tree type. 1 Kit
RB-IMPULSOR Rayoblind. Protector for electric impeller. 1 Kit
RB-DESVIADOR Rayoblind. Ray diverter. 1 Kit
RB-TIERRIMPULSOR Rayoblind. Electric drive grounding system 1 Kit
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