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Dielectric degreaser cleaner

ATP® LIMPIELEC is designed for use on all types of surfaces and its non-flammability, dielectric and biodegradable characteristics make it ideal for use on electrical equipment to ensure quality over time.

Ficha del productoProduct sheet



  • Excellent degreaser and remover of all types of dirt, without leaving a sticky film on the surface.
  • It is non-hazardous and non-toxic. It is a safe product because it does not present problems of intoxication by inhalation.
  • Manufactured with non-polar raw materials and solubilized in demineralized water, which ensures its dielectric condition.
  • Biodegradable. Its handling produces less contamination and damage to the environment.
  • Non-flammable. Reduces fire risks as it is non-combustible.

Ventajas y beneficios

Advantages and benefits

  • Saves time. Cleans easier and faster.
  • Lower operating costs.
  • Safety. Avoids flame formation due to static loads during handling.
  • Reliability. Avoids short circuits due to possible conductive residues.
  • Better cost-benefit balance than most cleaners such as acetone, thinner, or other petroleum-derived solvents.



  • In general industry where clean and safe surface conditioning processes are required for subsequent gluing, painting and/or finishing processes.
  • Washing of tools, brushes, rollers, guns and application equipment.
  • Cleaning of resins and grease in general from parts, floors, walls, tanks, etc.
  • In processes that require dielectric and non-flammable conditions such as washing of electrical equipment, lights, transformers, poles, baskets, cabinets, etc.

Tabla de selección

Selection table

Reference Plate dimensions (cm) Description


Limpielec of 500 ml.



Limpielec of 5 litros.

5 liters


Limpielec of  10 litros.

10 liters


Limpielec of 20 litros.

20 liters

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