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We develop

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Our strengths


Forward thinking

Aware that everything can be perfected, we use disruptive technologies to adapt to change.


Resource maximization

Minimize losses it means earning more, contributing in this sense leads to better indicators and greater impact.


Problem resolution

Our vocation is to develop tailored solutions for specific technical problems.


Effective support to the clients

We establish lasting relationships, from the co-creation of products.


To be, by the year 2025, a multi-Latin organization recognized for offering its clients innovative products and solutions, with its own development and engineering.


To develop products that solve particular, technical problems for clients, with sustainable, efficient and cutting-edge technology processes, for the electrical and industrial sector.

Quality politics

ATP TRADING S.A.S. is committed to achieving the total satisfaction of its customers by complying with the technical and legal requirements applicable to the products and solutions it offers, the satisfaction of the commitments made, the continuous improvement of processes, technological innovation, development of human capital and the establishment of strategic alliances with suppliers, while seeking to increase market share and profitability for shareholders.



Creativity and innovation

Understands, interiorizes and leads constant changes in the environment.



Shares objectives, experiences and knowledge with its customers, employees and suppliers, which are essential for obtaining better results.



Engaged with technological and social development in an effective and efficient way, keeping in mind the importance of self-surviving, processes quality and environmental care.



ATP is ethical, loyal, honest and solidary with its clients and collaborators, by fulfilling society’s rules and values.

Our presence

  • 2004

    In Bogotá is founded “ATP COLOMBIA”, marketer for products related to low and mid tension electrical sector.

    Some supplies were imported from Brazil, Argentina, United States, Mexico, Panama, and India.

  • 2011

    Transition period from ATP COLOMBIA to ATP TRADING S.A.S.

  • 2012

    ATP TRADING S.A.S. begins with its own manufacturing, leasing a small space in the town of San Felix - Bello.

  • 2017

    By means of the Retos de Energía – Colciencias call, some capital is obtained to complete the development of one of our flagship products: DAVINSY (Data Vigilant System).

    We were selected on a bidding in Honduras during 2017-2018, which forced us to triplicate the installed capacity for the signaling line.

  • 2018

    We are selected to participate on the Innovation Week in Paris, being recognized as one of the world’s most innovative companies.

    Also, we obtained the ISO9001 certificate version 2015, in which ATP TRADING S.A.S. was certified as a company dedicated to design, develop, manufacture and market products for the electrical sector.

  • 2020

    Due to the pandemic, the managing plant in Envigado (Antioquia) is closed. Both production and managing plants are unified in the rural zone of San Félix – Bello.

  • 2021

    The patent for DAVINSY is obtained.

  • 2022

    Obtained American and Chilean patents for "Davinsy".

How we do it:

Innovating is our essence