Cases of success

DAVINSY system in low-tension transformers

Cases of success

DAVINSY system in low-tension transformers

Davinsy ATP® Transguard is a system for monitoring, supervision, protection and control of the main variables in the transformer secondary, in order to improve SAIDI and SAIFI indicators, reducing operating costs, identifying load unbalances and avoiding replacements due to transformer damage.

San Juan de Río Seco / La Palma, Cundinamarca

Collect information to analyze transformer circuit load profiles, IoT monitoring, alert messages and remote control.
Improve SAIDI (Time of interruption duration) and SAIFI (Frequency of interruption in a given period) quality indexes.

Davinsy ATP® Transguard installed in La Palma, Cundinamarca.

Enel Colombia

The Davinsy ATP® Transguard installed in the transformers located in the San Juan de Rioseco and La Palma areas, belonging to the Department of Cundinamarca, allowed the network operator to manage the transformer load profile information and in real time, protect and remotely control the monitored and controlled transformers on the low voltage side.

Advantages and Benefits:

Through the implementation of the system, it was achieved:

  • Clear 10 faults without displacement of the maintenance crew on site.
  • Identifying naked line tracts with high impedance, which resulted in preventive maintenance operations to clear branches that produce energy outflows and eventual short circuits in the electrical network.
  • Analyzing charge profile in the transformer located in La Palma, identifying a smuggling client and taking actions in order to normalize the situation.

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